The Motivation Manifesto Free Book + 12 Week Course

Free Book and Course! We bought The Motivation Manifesto for you at retail ($19.95), so you just pay for your shipping and handling to receive it (just $7 anywhere in the world!). PLUS you get a FREE $297 course called The Motivation Manifesto Online. 

Over the course of 12 weeks, the world's leading motivation and high performance trainer reveals 9 strategies for reclaiming your personal power, achieving your goals, and creating a life of freedom and greatness. Take your journey through this transformational book to the next level, as we dive deep into the power concepts, tactics and key concepts embedded in this dense, hard-hitting text.

This book is about changing people’s lives. It’s about helping you find something within that’ll ignite the FIRE and JOY in your life again, so that it’s your own again. Express who you truly are, and finally chase your dreams unencumbered by your own doubts and insecurities. 

Join us in this epic 12 week course. Your motivation is everything in life. Take it back. Brendon will show you how. 


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